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These were the upgrades I signed up for when I became a mum, or so I imagined.

I like surprises. When we got married I let my husband plan our whole honeymoon and delighted in being whisked away without a clue where we’d end up or what we’d do. I really enjoy the injection of the unexpected into everyday life.


Recently my son Jackson and I were taking advantage of an unseasonally warm Sunday afternoon with one of his favourite activities; water play in the backyard. I watched, bemused, as he entertained himself with endless pouring from cup to bucket to water table, then back up into the cup to continue the cycle. The water mesmerizes him. He can play with water for hours, soaking himself from head to toe until he begins to shiver violently, and even then he screams in protest when I bundle him up in a soft towel and carry him inside to recover in a warm bath.


Two of my least favourite terms in the whole world are pre-baby body and post-baby body. Google ‘pre-baby body’ and you get an astounding 13 000 000 results. ‘Post-baby body’ is even worse, coming in at 50 000 000 results.  63 000 000 results in total, most of them dedicated to showing you the way to have a fabulous post-baby body. We live in a society where it has become a badge of honour if you can erase pregnancy from your body as quickly as possible. Celebrities lead the way of course and society follows dutifully, trying to live up to an image made possible only with personal trainers, chefs, rigorous schedules and of course good lighting, plastic surgery plus in many cases just plain old good genes.


Motherhood for me was a re-birthing into a self and a world that I couldn’t have predicted.

It is a world where everything has added significance, an importance beyond the immediate. I feel the weight of my mistakes heavier but the joys lift me higher than ever before. Even my skillset; that that in which I am strong I become stronger and that that in which I am weak becomes blaringly obvious.


Being vulnerable is gross. I always thought I was good at being open, and honest, and vulnerable to those I loved. And sometimes, even to those I didn’t love. I often would put my whole self on the line, without regard for my protection, so that people could trust me, be open with me and ultimately, love me for who I actually was. I got tired of surface level friendship and this was the best way I knew how to push past it. Sometimes vulnerability paid off in true friendship; sometimes I walked up to the edge of a cliff without a harness and people took turns pushing me off.


Have you ever questioned a major decision you’ve made on your child’s behalf, wondering whether it was the wrong one?

You are not alone.

Have you ever helped your child in a way that made you feel proud, and privately thought to yourself, “I’m a good mother”?

You are not alone.

Have you ever proudly watched your child achieve a new milestone ahead of the curve, and thought “My child is brilliant”?

You are not alone.

Have you ever watched your child struggle to pick up a new skill that other children his age seem to have mastered, and found yourself wondering “Is there something wrong here?”

You are not alone.

Have you ever caught your breath at the passing of time, certain that your child was only a newborn just yesterday, when in fact that time was months or even years ago?

You are not alone.

Have you ever endured a difficult afternoon with your child that was so long, you were certain the day would never end?

You are not alone.

Has your role as a mother invoked feelings of joy, heartache, frustration, relief, wonder, fear and pride, sometimes all within the space of a couple of hours?

Mama, you are not alone.

Our ideas about parenting might be wildly different, each of us bringing our own experiences, concerns and passions to the table.

Our children might be totally unique, each presenting their own set of joys and challenges.

But our hearts are essentially the same. We love our children, we want the best for them, and we will move heaven and earth to make that happen. This is what empowers us to be a community, a collective of mothers who choose to believe that above all else, our hearts unite us. Motherhood isn’t about seeing eye to eye on the little things, or even the big things. Motherhood is a mutual understanding that we’re all doing the best that we can, that our love for our children is fierce, and that this is a brave and vulnerable time for us all. I believe we are so much bigger and bolder than our differences, than the mummy-wars that plague us everywhere we turn. We deserve better. Our fellow mothers deserve better.

So mothers, you are welcome here. With all of your ideas, all of your decisions, all of your hopes, and all of your dreams. You are so welcome here. May we grow and connect and laugh and cry together. May we unite.

Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.
1 Peter 3:8

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