Stephanie Kara

Stephanie is a writer and business owner. She is passionate about being creative whether it’s song writing, music, writing and journalling, home making, crafting, growing veges, dreaming of a vintage era and being thrifty and frugal! She loves an adventure and is a bit of a pioneer at heart… which may be why she is always starting new projects! Along with all that, she’s passionate about her faith in a living God, about her kids – all 5 of them! – and her husband.


In so many ways hindsight is a wonderful thing.  She can help us to re-assess and make changes.  Good adjustments that help us do things better in the future, but from where I sit today, looking at my grown up children, hindsight is not my friend.  She can fill my heart with regret.  I can quickly go down the road of the could’ve, the should’ve, the would’ve but didn’t.  She can make my heart sink and take me to a place where I don’t want to be.