Sarina Elder

Sarina lives in a seaside suburb in WA with her husband and two daughters who are on the cusp of womanhood. Sarina has always been passionate about improving outcomes for young children and believes that the best way to achieve this is to empower women. For every woman who is empowered to be the best she can be, at least two children are impacted for the better. To this end, Sarina holds a Degree in Child and Family Development and has an extensive history of working with women and children spanning 30 years, including working as an early childhood educator and a parent counsellor. Sarina is concerned that the plethora of parenting advice and different parenting styles can often leave many parents feeling disempowered. In her Blog ‘Sarina Elder Moments with a Mad Italian’ ( Sarina often draws upon her professional and personal experiences in parenting and relationships to encourage parents, mothers in particular, to draw upon their strengths and values and to find faith in themselves, that they are enough.


Some days are not so good and I’m not the best mother on those days. Some days I don’t deserve to be your mother. But my prayer is that you won’t remember these days and you will never doubt how much I love you…

The above entry was added to my journal when my first baby was almost 3 and my second was 18 months of age. Soon afterwards I was diagnosed with PNDA, however I’d been struggling long before then.