Conor Stallard

Conor is a mum of 5 and a wife to 1 and enjoys cutting her daughters sandwich into triangles only to discover she only eats squares now. She enjoys lukewarm coffees, deep conversations about Pokemon Ex Mega and playing Uno with kids that show no regard for the actual rules of the game. She is also the owner of Lava and Stone, lover of jewellery, passionate about essential oils and follower of Christ.


Almost 13 years ago, my husband and I sat at the end of our hotel bed, looking over the jungles of Borneo, soaking up the last few moments of what had been the most amazing 10 days. It was the eve of our return home after our honeymoon, and we had been talking about our new lives together and what it all meant. We pondered what the future would bring, the adventures we would go on, the opportunities we would seize. We decided to write a letter to our future selves, to be opened on our 10th wedding anniversary wherever we might be. A time capsule one might say. There were questions about where we planned to travel, if we would move overseas, if we would build or renovate….exploring the million possibilities our new path could give us. Our eyes were wide and our dreams even wider. Coming up to the last question, we were unanimous in our answer.