About Us

Welcome to She the Fierce, a collectively written home for every mother to find a voice of hope.

We exist for any mother whose love for their child has inspired tears, joy, protection, heartbreak, ferocity, elation and everything in between. We write about raw, honest, perfectly flawed motherhood.

We are pro breastfeeding. We are pro bottle feeding.

We are pro working mothers, stay-at-home mothers and work-at-home mothers.

We are pro public school, private school, home school and un-school.

We are pro birth mothers, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, grandmothers, aunties, surrogate mothers and mothers who are not yet mothers.

Above all else, we are pro abundant love for our children. We are pro hugs and kisses, prayers and encouragement, security and comfort, and healing and hope.

Come and walk this motherhood journey alongside us.

For more information on our polices and where we stand on certain parenting issues, please see our Policies/FAQ page.

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