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The Seasons Will Change, The Storms Will Pass…


I am going to be completely honest with you:

I have not had the easiest year so far when it comes to motherhood.

Other areas are all going well, but this mothering gig has been a lot tougher than usual the last few months.

Whether it was the start of a new school year (and for my youngest that meant getting used to 5 days a week away from mum) or the fact that we had just returned from a 4 week holiday  trip back to South Africa, living out of suitcases and traveling from pillar to post or maybe just a random turn of events, both my children hit a big wobbly.

For my oldest that meant a severe bout of anxiety over a variety of things, even though he has always been my easy-going adventurer that didn’t know the meaning of the word fear. My sleep was interrupted several times each night as he struggled with nightmares and falling asleep again afterwards.

My darling youngest returned to the tornado-like temper meltdowns he had when he was two. We all bore the brunt of his angry outbursts, copped an enormous amount of verbal abuse and had to tread on eggshells constantly.

It has left me completely exhausted and quite literally with new wrinkles!

Three months ago I had no frown lines and just like that, they have arrived (and I am severely disappointed because I always thought I could at least get to 40 without worrying about them…)

With some help from naturopathic meds as well as essential oils, lots of prayers and a fair bit of coffee we have made it through the worst, but as I sit here writing, it still feels as if I have been hit by a storm.

We are slowly recovering and coming to terms with the damage that inevitably occurred. I am working hard at repairing my relationship with Mr. Temper, after being told he hated me one too many times. I am learning to negotiate and grow around Mr. Anxiety’s new concerns and the way he processes things.

The Seasons Will Change, The Storms Will Pass - She the Fierce | Motivational quotes to live by, inspirational quotes, Christian and faith quotes

This is not the first storm our family has been through, nor will it be the last.

That’s the nature of this game we call life. One thing I know for sure is that storms always pass, and in the process new things are revealed and perspective is gained. As uncomfortable as the past weeks were, I have learned a lot about myself and my children. The wisdom and knowledge that were gained will serve me well when the next one hits.

Sometimes our storms are quick whirlwinds, like a teething baby, a trip to the emergency room, or that fun time when both the boys had chickenpox simultaneously. Others stay for long enough to almost qualify as a season.

Whatever your current storm looks like, grab something to hold on to, fix your eyes on the One that will always remain constant and know that after the storm you will still be standing. Weary and tired maybe, but stronger and wiser too.

Magda Pienaar

Magda is a mother, budding entrepreneur and a dabbler in words. She is originally from South Africa, but Perth became home in 2015. Her happy place is spending time with her husband and two boys, all 3 of them redheads! Most of her spare time goes into washing underpants and putting down toilet seats, but if there’s any left, you will find her with her nose in a book. Other passions include coffee and chocolate and sometimes she runs too. She loves encouraging women to be authentic, ignore the opinions of others and to become the best possible version of themselves.

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