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Creating a Vision For Your Family


Do you have a vision and a mission for your family?

Recently I was driving in my car when I heard someone talk on the radio about an exercise they once did in which they had to think about and write down the dreams they had for their children. Of course that was only one half of it, the more difficult part came when they had to think about how they were doing in raising their kids in such a way that those dreams could become a reality.

Immediately I began thinking of the own dreams I have for my two boys and in the following days I kept on coming back to this talk and pondered on these dreams, eventually writing them down and critically evaluated them. This led to a big light-bulb moment for me.  I had to be honest with myself and admit that I could do a bit better. (No, I am not feeling guilty about this, simply inspired to change it for the better)

You see, I haven’t been terribly intentional about a lot of things; I still naively think that raising kids is something I can wing for the most part and that they will turn out all right.

Looking at my list of dreams I realised I needed more of a plan, a mission and a vision for their future. It sounds like big words but it is well known to be one of the most important steps in building a successful business. So why shouldn’t we as parents build our families to success in the same way? And it is quite simple really; know where you want your children to be heading and what you are going to do to help them get there.

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We might be well into the second month of the year already, but it still is a great “new year’s” exercise to complete yourself.

I found it easy to write down the dreams, but I challenge you to go further and start working on a mission and vision for your family. To help me create ours, I am drawing inspiration from one of the biggest companies worldwide, Coca-Cola. They call it their “Road map”, where their mission declares their purpose and serves as a standard against which they weigh their actions and desires. Their vision serves as the framework for their road map, creating a long term destination for their business.

So as an example: If good health is one of the visions/dreams I have for my kids (long term destination), I first have to define what that means/looks like to me, and then use that to guide my decision-making around all things concerning health (which is a vast area! So maybe don’t start there…)

This isn’t a quick or easy exercise.

I will admit that my own one is still a work in progress too, but I challenge you to do the same. You might have light-bulb moments of your own and you might be inspired to implement changes in your household that will make you look back one day, realising that you changed the road for your children and that their destination moved from a vague somewhere to a place you have always dreamed of for them.


Magda Pienaar

Magda is a mother, budding entrepreneur and a dabbler in words. She is originally from South Africa, but Perth became home in 2015. Her happy place is spending time with her husband and two boys, all 3 of them redheads! Most of her spare time goes into washing underpants and putting down toilet seats, but if there’s any left, you will find her with her nose in a book. Other passions include coffee and chocolate and sometimes she runs too. She loves encouraging women to be authentic, ignore the opinions of others and to become the best possible version of themselves.

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