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Why We Need The Son of God This Christmas


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We’re a pretty messed up people. After about 30 seconds of television, it is easy to see. Our world is full of bombings, shootings, and other atrocities. Even those of us who are “good” still really aren’t that great. Greed, lust, and self-interest mark our existence. We need something to atone, to make-up for all of our shortcomings. We need a God-sized savior.

We can’t atone for our own sins. We have tried and we fail. Again and again. God in His mercy grace the law to Moses. He told him exactly what was required of the people. And they failed. And we continue to fail.


How many times do we fail to do what we know we really should be doing? We pass by the person on the side of the road. We hope that our spouse will do the dishes if we just wait long enough and pretend like they aren’t there. The problems of the world overwhelm us and we just wait, hoping that someone else will come along and make it their problem.


But in His mercy, He came to take our problems upon Himself and to redeem us.

Why We Need The Son of God This Christmas | #reasonfortheseason #christmas #advent | An excerpt from the advent eBook His Name Shall Be Called. Download your free copy!

Ben White

Jesus has a prestigious calling card. He is Son of God. We have assurance in the claims of Jesus because of who He was. He is not speaking on working on His own authority but on the authority given to Him by the Father. We can trust His words and know that His teachings are true.


He shed His place of honor and humbled Himself. But He was still the Son of God. He never felt His deity behind Him. Because only God could offer enough to account for every hurt, and tear, and sin in this world. Only God could atone for the sins of my heart and the sins of the heart of every member of the human race.


I’ll never forget sitting in the pews in high school and hearing my youth pastor say that he would be willing to sacrifice his life for most of us. He stopped, looked around the room, and told us that there was no one, not a single person in the world, that he would be willing to sacrifice his child for.


God was willing.


He loved us so much, that He was willing to be parted from His son. From the start of Jesus’s ministry, God made it quite clear that this wasn’t because Jesus was unloved but because He had a beautiful plan He was working. He loved Jesus dearly and Jesus will be exalted above every other name. But He also loved us, so much, that He sent His only Son to give us life.


Christmas can bring up unwanted memories. Depending on your family, you may long for the holidays or, it might be a bitter. No matter which category you fall into, it is important to reflect on the family you have in God. He has sent His only Son to make us all sons and daughters. We are adopted into this heavenly family because of His great love.

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