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The Art of Acting Like a Toddler (and growing like a boss!)


We’ve all been there. It’s almost nap time but for some reason, we’re buzzing through the grocery store trying to grab a few items. That’s when it hits. The terrible twos. The toddler who was so sweetly holding your hand is now laying on the ground screaming, kicking their feet, angry about what, you’re not quite sure. The struggle continues either until you make it through the line, into the car, and finally to their bed or when you give up and let them have that *cookie, action figure, pack of gum, etc.*

Friends, I’m here to tell you that I wish I was more like that toddler. Not because I want to indulge myself into throwing temper tantrums more often (although if I’m being honest, that definitely has its appeal sometimes) but because I want that tenacity. Seriously, two year olds have more determination than I do.

When the grocery store battle begins, really, when any battle begins, I’m ready to surrender. My flag is waving and I want the easy way out.

Toddlers don’t do that. Maybe it’s just because life hasn’t quite knocked them down as many times or maybe it’s that they always have cheerleaders watching them, but they keep getting back up.

The Art of Acting Like a Toddler (and growing like a boss!) | unexpected life tips | personal development | self improvement | be determined

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The determination that causes them to keep getting back up until they can put one foot in front of the other and walk, it also equips them to keep mimicking sounds until they can communicate what they need to say.

What if I did that?

My determination falters very quickly. What if the little boy, getting back up again and again, was meant to show me something about myself?

What if instead of, “Not being a ____ person,” I worked and worked until I was? What if miscommunications became a thing of the past because I kept trying until I could express myself in a way my husband understood?

Toddlers can be frustrating. As much as we would like to control them, we often can’t. So let’s learn from them.

When life gets hard, let’s wear life out. Let’s throw ourselves on the figurative floor and kick and scream until we can make things they way they need to be. If we keep on fighting and working, we will get there.

Jesus told us we needed faith like a child, what if that meant faith that just believed the impossible was possible and kept pressing into God to see it happen?

That job you’re working towards, you can do it. The miscommunication you had with your husband, keep talking until you’re on the same page. That workout that’s just too hard, keep determining that you will get there and take baby steps until you do. Toddlers go from non-verbal, non-mobile beings to walking, talking tiny people in a very short amount of time.

The hard thing in your path? You’ve got this. Just act like a toddler and don’t give up.

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The Art of Acting Like a Toddler (and growing like a boss!) | unexpected life tips | personal development | self improvement | be determined

Bailey Suzio

Bailey Suzio’s journey started out in Michigan, where she grew up as the oldest of 10 (yes, ten) children, and has led her to Hawaii with her husband and their two dogs. In addition to her love for the Lord and her family, her great passions are coffee and collecting an exorbitant amount of books. Bailey has spent the last few years teaching and working with a local church. She writes at about her life, faith, and infertility journey.

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