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Mothering and Hindsight: Encouragement for Every Mum


In so many ways hindsight is a wonderful thing.  She can help us to re-assess and make changes.  Good adjustments that help us do things better in the future, but from where I sit today, looking at my grown up children, hindsight is not my friend.  She can fill my heart with regret.  I can quickly go down the road of the could’ve, the should’ve, the would’ve but didn’t.  She can make my heart sink and take me to a place where I don’t want to be.

When I was young and my belly was round with purpose and the promise of new beginnings, my heart was full and I imagined what my life would be like.  This young heart was creating a little brochure for life.  It was glossy, it was perfect and it was good.  Some years went by and our little family grew to five but as time went on my little brochure began to take on another shape and the picture I saw wasn’t quite the picture unfolding before my eyes.  I was naïve then and thought everything would unfold just as I had dreamed and my life would not be difficult like my dear mama’s had been.   Now, years on and with a little family that has grown to seven I’ve come to realise that ‘life is nothing like the brochure’… not the one I wrote anyway! And in my humour I’ve come to call the family I imagined all those years ago “the white picket fence family”.  Can you picture them, that perfect little family, that 2×2 with those sweet little angels sitting around my feet, me creating some pretty little blanket to cover them with at night and them, pictures of poise and serenity, growing up to think of me as the best thing ever, never questioning what the road I wanted to unfold for them. So peaceful, just beautiful.  ( sigh!!!)

Mothering and Hindsight: Encouragement for Every Mum | Life and parenting never turn out the way we imagine they will... but that's the beauty of it! Every young mother will be encouraged by these words.

To be honest there are some days when I still mourn for that picture, but really… WHATEVER WAS I THINKING!!

Life just isn’t like that!  My life has been darn right difficult!  Thwart with roadblocks, financial pressures, screaming babies, sassy adolescents, rebellious teenagers, incorrigible young adults and distant dreams.  My life has NOT been like the brochure.  But it has been good and despite being unsanctimoniously loud and at times very challenging I’ve had loads fun and made good memories along the way.   It’s hardly ever been easy and it’s been devastatingly adventurous (but that’s another story); yes, it’s rich with story.  Stories that might help another young mama find her way when her life isn’t quite like the brochure, and my friend Hindsight is sitting by her side and she finds herself struggling to get through her day and dream for a better future!

Young mama you’ve got this.  Let hindsight be your friend, not your hinderer!

Stephanie Kara blogs at Cottage Dreams. For more of her heartfelt thoughts on life, go have a read!

Stephanie Kara

Stephanie is a writer and business owner. She is passionate about being creative whether it’s song writing, music, writing and journalling, home making, crafting, growing veges, dreaming of a vintage era and being thrifty and frugal! She loves an adventure and is a bit of a pioneer at heart… which may be why she is always starting new projects! Along with all that, she’s passionate about her faith in a living God, about her kids – all 5 of them! – and her husband.

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