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Grounded: Recapturing Your Childhood Wonder


There is something really precious and sweet, lost on our way from childhood to adulthood, isn’t there?

Something big, invisible, beautiful and powerful, something along the lines of innocence and boldness and joy.

Maybe it’s the reason we think of childhood as such a magical time, the reason we look at children with envy, and melancholy and tears in our eyes.
And I wonder… I wonder how we get a glimpse of this fleeting gold in our souls again.

Children have this incredible ability to wonder aloud, to say the sweetest, most innocent things out of the bright blue, to be thankful for all things, and pray with open hearts…

How do I fill myself with that wonder and awe, like a little one watching for fireflies dancing in the night, squatting to follow a fascinating line of ants, giggling at bubbles popping?

I have some hunches…

Go and wander and choose and try what feels right. This is no formula, just a few ideas to nudge us forward, back to wonder, unburdened by thoughts of worry or chores to be finished.

Grounded: Recapturing Your Childhood Wonder | Oh, to be a kid again and see the world through a child's eyes.

Be present.

Whatever you are doing, be fully immersed in that. No talking on the phone while doing dishes, no doing laundry while watching a show, no being distracted by your to-do list while talking with a friend.

One. Thing. At. A. Time. This is called sanity, and common sense.

Be thankful.

Don’t underestimate the power of a grateful heart!
For your home, your body, your people, whoever they are. Your hair, your funny nose, your freckles, your cellulite. Yes. All of it. Your talents and passions, your accent, your clothes, your voice, your age, your job, your old car.
Take some time with this. Redirect your thoughts, and interrupt worry or envy with gratitude; I do this a lot by inhaling essential oils deeply, to short-circuit thought patterns and reconnect with positive emotions.
It helps me to stop comparing, and start enjoying my own everything.

Let go.

…of toxic relationships, clutter in your home, too many activities.
Get back to the bare bones of life.
Who loves you and brings you joy when you see them? Be with them. Let go of the life-suckers, or those who subtly make you feel horrible about yourself, that you are not enough.
Here’s the thing: you are not responsible for someone else’s feelings or for how bad their circumstances are. So set clear boundaries –and stick to them!
Simplify your home, sell or give things you don’t use and wouldn’t buy again – then clear your schedule – keep the essentials, not the ‘I should’ activities you don’t enjoy. Don’t ‘should’ yourself.

Love you, and love others.

“Remember, too, you have to love yourself before you can expect others to do so. The world is taking its cue from you.”
Oola for women, how to find balance in an unbalanced world

Go for regular walks, eat nutritious, wholesome foods, use quality things on yourself – because you are worth it!
Instead of criticism, embrace grace.

Then turn around and love others unconditionally -not because they do what you want or because they are like you. But just because they are there, made in the image of God just like you are, another human walking this Earth trying to figure out what life means.
Listen wholeheartedly and compassionately, encourage, see something beautiful in someone’s soul and tell them, thank God for them, bake something and give it away for no reason at all.

Be generous in love, and when you see a need, give. Sponsor a child, volunteer your time at a church, a homeless shelter, anywhere… Just give.

Find yourself again.

What are your dreams and passions? Maybe you have ignored them for so long you forgot you had any.

Sit down and write what it was that made you happy, what you wanted to be when you were 10.
What excites you today?
Then carve out time to pursue something you were wired to do, regardless of results or approbation.
Who were you before you became a mother? Where is your identity? Refuse to put the pressure of any uncertainty in who you are on your children… it is too big a burden for them to carry, and the cause of much distress for you and them.


Pause. Nap. Cut out all the outside noise and the inside voices telling you to rush and hustle and get things done.
Plan ahead.
Choose a few hours a week when you do nothing. No work, no creating, no laundry, no exercise, no TV.
And for the love… Don’t be so prideful that you think you don’t need to pause. There is a time for everything under heaven and making time for ‘pause’ is as essential as breathing. It will fuel you in ways you cannot imagine… So learn to be comfortable in silence, by yourself.
I love using Frankincense oil on me when I meditate, ponder, rest; it helps me feel grounded, valuable and mindful when I put it on my wrists, or diffuse… find a tool that helps guide you in this.

And see where it all leads you.

Grounded: Recapturing Your Childhood Wonder | "We think of childhood as such a magical time... I wonder how we get a glimpse of this fleeting gold in our souls again."

Keren Mabury

Keren is a world traveler, wife and mother of 4 children -who keep her on her toes! In a past life she has worked as a Registered Nurse in pediatrics, Montessori assistant teacher, blog writer and French teacher. Her days are now filled with caring for her kids, managing two health and wellness communities -one in French and one for English speakers- as well as educating others in natural remedies and how to make everyday products using essential oils. Her favorite day is Sunday, when she gets to enjoy church community with her husband while kids are having a good time!

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